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For home brewers, buying a pump is a good investment, and we have 2 styles of electric brew pumps from which to choose.

A brew pump allows you to recirculate your mash thereby improving the clarity of your brew. Buying a pump also saves time and effort (plus spills, possible contamination and burns) as you don’t need to manually transfer hot and cold liquid between different brewing vessels.

There are different types of pumps that you can use for your home brewing system. If you are planning on buying a brewing pump, there are certain types that you can choose and these include the center inlet and inline pumps. There are benefits when using either type of pumps. (more info below)
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Stainless Steel Head with 3/4" Center Inlet Chugger Brew Pump Chugger stainless steel inline brew pump
When using a brew pump, air is circulated around the pump and air bubbles can get caught which can cause cavitation. The center inlet is supposed to prevent getting the air bubbles in the inlet. The center inlet has a holding vessel that can catch and release air thus it does not get mixed in the wort. This type of pump has an elbow which puts the inlet in a different angle. This can be used as a quick connection to let the liquid flow easily.

The inline pump can be mounted vertically, horizontally or upside down thus making it very convenient to pump at any angle. When using this pump, make sure that you mount it in an open-air space for proper ventilation.

The Chugger brew pumps we sell are not self-priming so they need to be constantly wet in order to run. The pump head should be flooded with liquid before the pump is turned on.

Investing in a good pump can make your brewing system more efficient. You can choose either the center inlet or inline pumps depending on your preferences.