Stainless Steel Dual Tap Beer Tower Premium Taprite Dual Gauge Regulator. 3 Piece Ball Valve - 316 Stainless Steel - Full port. 1/2" FPT Valve. Great for a variety of uses, like kettles or mash tuns. 5 lb CO2 Tank - New
5 lb CO2 Tank
Our Price: $55.97
12" Diameter Stainless Steel False Bottom. Four Tap Kegerator Kit (Pin Lock Cornelius) Chugger stainless steel inline brew pump Stainless Steel "Mini-Keg" Growler

Brew Pumps

Chugger Brew Pumps have been popularized by the homebrewing community, although they are also known for a variety of other uses. A very quiet, magnetic drive brew pump which is electric-powered and has stainless steel threaded connections for the usual homebrew fittings (cam locks/quick disconnects). The body and impeller are food compliant hi-temp ryton plastic with a ceramic ferrite magnet. Easy to clean and easy to open for servicing.